Ginger Essential Oil

natural cooling agent product for daily household chemical

June 22 , 2021

advantages of cooling agent series:

1. continuous and long lasting cooling and refreshing effect, no hot , harsh and stinging sensation of menthol and/ or Peppermint.

2. Heat– resistance is good below 200 °C don‘t reduce the cooling impact, suitable use in bakery and other high temperature processes.

3. cooling intensity remains in general for 15-30 minutes with no burning pain compared with menthol based products it is cooler.

4. low dosage 30-100 mg/kg has good cooling properties.

5. compatible with oter flavors and also with other cooling agents.

mint flavor ws23

cooling agent products are mainly used in, oral care, chocolate, dairy products, jelly, jam, candy, bread, starch food, beverages, beer and alcoholic beverages, chewing gum, lozenges, throat lozenges, mouthwash, toothpaste, tobacco, shaving cream, Soap, wet wipes, etc. it can be formulated with different flavors of cool products to suit new market concepts, providing food, daily, and company choices for new varieties.

medical grade ws3

high purity ws23 powder

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